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Muiresk has nine named pools and is almost all double bank. It caters for three rods on a fly only basis and has some of the best accommodation in the form of two cottages you will find on the river.

The beat needs a little water to get the fish there but once  they are  there it has some lovely holding pools and fishes well from the end of May to the season end.

The Coombes

The topmost pool on the beat. This starts where a small burn runs in on the right bank but stretches further up stream on the left bank. If water height allows it is best to wade across at the tail end of the pool and fish from the left hand bank. The fish tend to take station at the burn mouth and many an angler has had a red letter day in this pool. It can also be an excellent pool for brown trout in the spring with many good trout over two pounds being caught.


An excellent pool this is classic fly water. Fish can be taken either side of the flow . The pool extends past the picture and will hold fish right into the tail .

Kirkton Flats, Masson Glide and the Willows.

Again excellent fly water for all species. The Willows can be productive if you can wade out from the croy and cast a long line into the deep trench on the far side so as your fly is fishing in it rather than across it.

House Pool 

This pool holds fish off the Glide before entering it and again off the flow at the far side at the head of it. This holds good all the way to the middle where you can then pick fish up anywhere.

Once at the gauge you can then pick them up from the middle right into your feet as there are some natural rocks forming croy like features below the hut. This pool is easily fished from the opposite bank.

Two Trees

This pool can be fished from both banks and will produce fish from both. Fish are normally found from in the flow to the right bank. The tail end of the pool is again excellent for brown trout and the whole pool is a favourite for sea-trout.

Boat Pool

A long pool with holding water at the far side in low conditions but this area increases in higher water of say 1 foot. Again my top spot for brown trout before it quickens up and holds sea-trout amongst the boulders in the tail.

The Lodge

This pool is also fishable from both banks and either will Yield results. If left until dark it can provide great sport with sea-trout especially as it  narrows in the centre. Then as it widens out again fish can be had just by the bush on the left bank and at again at the steps. If this is unsuccessful you may still have a chance at the end of the hedge on the left bank and down for several more yards. The long calm water in the tail will hold fish in really high water and is often a good spot for a Springer.

Kirns and Island Stream

These two pools are opposite the local angling club and are fished only occasionally as the other pools are far superior. The Kirns is a long slow pool and not much good for the fly. The Island Stream is a fast pool and used to be one of the TAA 's top pools. Since remedial work to repair spate damage in 2003 it has hardly yielded a fish !!!  


There are two fantastic cottages for let with either the Muiresk or Forglen fishing's.

One sleeps six and the other four. All come with SkyTV and the rest of the kit is of the highest standard. A full cook/cleaning service can also be offered.   


 Check out the letting availability page to see if there are any weeks available.

 Into a fish at the head of the Kirkton.






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