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Salmon and Sea-trout season-  11 February 2011 to 31 October inclusive.

Brown trout season  15 March to 6 October Inclusive. 

Welcome to 2011.

What a season we have coming up in the first few months.

Opening day will be at Turriff Angling association again and we are hoping many of you can make it. 

As you may have seen last season we have the Morison Trophy to fish for and this will be officially launched on opening day, Friday 11 February.

It is hoped we will have a celebrity to launch the trophy and if we succeed in this matter we will have a marquee and some hot food laid on to make it a memorable occasion.  Watch this space for all the details if we can pull it off. 

Then on Week of 16 May we are having the Deveron Fishing Festival. Most of the river has been generously donated by the owners and many of the top tackle Companies have agreed to attend.

They will have three days on the river and anglers willing to participate will be allocated via a ballot- their choice of manufacturer to spend a day trying all their tackle and get expert tuition from their in house professionals- many of which are famous names in the angling world. This should allow each angler to spend three days with different companies trying all the latest kit.

More information on this will be in the February and March Edition of the Trout and Salmon along with an application form. It should also be available on  the Trust Website which is having a section designed to take all the information. Again I will keep you posted as we finalise the details.

At the end of this week we are having a dinner to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Deveron, Bogie and Isla River Trust and an auction will take place during the evening to raise funds for the trust. Tickets will be limited to 250 and I will let you know when they are released for sale. 

 New stock will be arriving in the shop from February. We will have a complete range of the new MOW tips by Rio for the Skagit lines along with tip pouches. New boots and waders from Vision and also a new range of reels. There are also jackets, rods and fly lines all new to the range. 

For the ever increasing popularity of sea angling we have a complete new supplier in Jarvis Walker. They are one of the biggest suppliers in the southern hemisphere based in Australia and their range of tackle is  of superb quality at even more superb prices in these stringent times.

Fishing lets are being worked on currently and have been since November. If you had a beat last year and have not yet had a letter give me a call as some post sent in November has still not reached its destination. It looks like there will be some superb sea-trout availability in June- despite some being snapped up quickly after last years superb run of these fine fish.

The voluntary code for 2011 has also been changed . It now requests that all Salmon caught before 1 June are returned. In return anglers will be given a side of smoked Salmon from Sutherlands in Portsoy or an engraved metal fly box. Some beat owners are also going to give the angler a day fishing the house rod later in the season if they return a fish in the spring. 

It is hoped these incentives will encourage the angler  to continue to come and fish the river and be given something in return -for them giving the river something back.

Figures show that the Deveron used to produce, at its height ,nearly a thousand fish before the end of May. This figure is now about a fifth of the peaks seen in the fifties and in the seventies. If we can get the return rate of spring fish up to those levels seen for the sea-trout we might see the improving spring numbers in the last few years  get even better.

The Deveron Fishing Festival

                                16-21 May 2011


A great opportunity to come and test- on the river all the gear from the major Brands as well as sample the fishing.

An extensive programme of events will be held in the evenings to keep everybody interested. 

Full details can be found here as well as a registration form 



Opening Day Ceremony

Sponsored by

 Chivas Brothers


This year once again the opening ceremony will be at Turriff Angling Association at 10am. On Friday 11 February 2011.

This year we will have a small marquee to launch the aforementioned Morison Trophy. 

We have Free fishing for all on the Turriff Angling association beat and as you will note we have secured a sponsor.

Chivas Brothers will be providing plenty free drams on the day which should go down well with the sausage rolls provided , along with Tea for those of you driving. Please come along and make it a memorable morning- and don't forget we are still trying hard to get a celebrity to attend.





New Products In Stock

Guideline Products Now in Stock
The new range of Sharpe's of Aberdeen Gordon rods are now in stock and available to try out.

These range from 8'6" to 10'6" for less than 150 and the 13 and 15 foot are less than 275.

They all come in a corduroy tube and have a lifetime warranty.

Quilt knit breathable and wind resistant sweaters are available mail order with River Deveron logo 57.99+ postage.