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Lets now going up for 2013 season.

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  NRX 13’  # 8/9        £1119.99         Available to order
  NRX 14’ # 9/10      £1169.99          Available to order
  NRX  15’  # 10/11 £1239.99           Available to order.
The above rods can be available for demonstration given a couple of days notice. Or tried at the casting club on the first Sunday of every month.

3 piece  GLX Stinger  14’  Stinger  # 9/10     £799.99       available to order
3 Piece  GLX Stinger  15’ Stinger  # 10/11   £899.99       in stock and demo available.
4 Piece  GLX Stinger  13’  Stinger  # 8/9      £889.99       in stock
Versa Spey   13’ # 7/8      £649.99   available to order
Versa Spey    13’6” #8/9   £699.99   available to order.
These rods listed above are the most popular in the range but all other models are available to order.
If you do not require a large rod – may I be so bold as recommend the 13’ NRX. It is the best rod I have had the pleasure to use .

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The full range of G. Loomis products can be found here :-   G. Loomis Homepage





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