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Flies Tied In Scotland


A large selection of patterns are held in stock- with the most widely used flies on the River Deveron to the fore.

After some research with our customers we found that most anglers would wish to use flies that had either been tied locally or at least in Scotland. Although these can be a little more expensive the difference in quality is startling. There is also the benefit of knowing these are tied on top quality hooks and they will not let you down at the vital moment.

The success of the Ally Shrimp has been overtaken last year by the Cascade Shrimp. 

This sparkle dressing has also seen the advance of The Temple Dog, the Bottle Tube and the Pot Bellied Pig. These flies have really taken off and are of great use in higher water. 


We stock Many makes of hooks for fly tying . Amongst these are Partridge hooks including the SALAR range by Mikael Frodin. These come for tying on and also for tube flies . They are available in black, gold and silver.







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